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Regular preventative maintenance items outlined in this section may be repeated and reinforced to extend the life of your trailer. Check your packet for additional maintenance items on your trailer.


Gooseneck Hitch - Before each tow, the gooseneck coupler and the gooseneck ball need a thin layer of automotive grease to reduce wear and insure proper operation. Replace any parts immediately if they show wear, corrosion or if the parts are not in proper working order. If the gooseneck coupler or ball need to be replaced be sure to replace it with the correct load rating.

Wheel Bolts - Check the torque after the first 50 miles and again at 100 miles, then at a minimum of every one thousand miles make sure they are tight. It isextremely important to apply and maintain the proper wheel mounting torque on your trailer axle. If you are replacing a wheel it is important that the wheels, tires, and axle are properly matched. Be sure to match the wheel to the axle hub. Make sure the wheels have enough load carrying capacity and pressure rating to match the maximum load of the tire and trailer. Care should be taken to match any replacement wheel with the same offset wheel as originally equipped. Failure to match offset can result in reducing the load carryingcapacity of your axle and cause bearing stress.

Tire Pressure - Check tire pressure regularly. See the section “Tire Information” for the correct tire pressure for your trailer.

Breakaway Switch - Check the battery for a full charge frequently.

Suspension - All components (springs, hangers, bolts, etc.) of the suspension should be visually inspected every 6,000 miles for signs of wear. Worn itemsshould be replaced or fixed immediately. See your packet information for more details on inspecting and replacing suspension components.

maintenance-3.jpgBrakes - Inspect and adjust the brakes every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. (Be sure to adjust all brake wheels.) See your packet information for more details on inspecting and replacing brake components.

Wheel Bearings - Pack the wheel bearings once a year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, using regular wheel bearing grease. On oil bath hub seals use 80-90W gear lube.

Jack - Grease jack when needed with multipurpose grease. Always grease after taking the trailer out of storage.

Cleanliness - Wash the trailer regularly.

Daily Inspection - Conduct a walk-around inspection daily, fix any problems you find immediately.